Wednesday, 12 February 2020

A Walk In The Park Quilt

Well  dear readers, I must say it is absolutely freezing here in Lincolnshire and still rather windy from the recent storm. It's February and our brave daffodils are bobbing about, buds nearly in flower, but the gardeners in this house are still in hibernation, despite the arrival of many seed packets in the post. I have made my first quilt of 2020 in spring colours though. It is a city scene quilt using fabrics which I think are called Walk In The Park, so that's what I have called the quilt too. Here is is.....

A Walk In The Park quilt by Green Star Quilts
The fabrics feature little dogs, town houses and parks and the dogs are so sweet with lots of character in the drawings. Yellow windmills dance across the quilt and give a bright focus and diagonal design. I used a pattern by Alyson at CluckCluckSew  but turned the rectangles through 90 degrees to suit the fabric design.

I spent a lot of time faffing about taking photos which is my second favourite thing about quilt making, but the winter light is tricky and its hard to get bright colours. I also spent a lot of time drinking coffee and eating the Panatone cake my lovely Italian sister-in-law brought too, but that's another story!

I just made this quilt because I loved the fabrics, so it is for sale on my website 
Green Star Quilts but I shall be sad to see it go from the sewing room.

For the quilting I tried a pale blue varigated thread 100% cotton by Robinson-Anton, and I really love the effect. I stitched in wavy lines across the rectangles and left the windmill blocks plain. 

The finished size is a lage cot quilt but it would be a great sofa throw or even a small picnic rug for coffee and cake in the park.

At least although it's so cold the days are getting longer. It is 5.30pm as I write this and just dusk, not quite dark and it lifts my heart. There seem to be quite a few hardy walkers on the hill outside my window and they remind me that I should go for a walk tomorrow around the park or across the common, woolly hat and gloves at the ready.

It's not to late in the month to say Happy February to you all, I hope your daffodils haven't been battered by the wind,

Kind regards and thanks for dropping by,


Jo said...

It is truly beautiful. Jo x

Sue @ Quilting the Green Star said...

Thank you Jo, at the time I loved the spring colours. I can’t believe that post was written a year ago. Since then life has been through such a storm and I haven’t written any posts herealthough I have made quilts. But now it’s spring again and hopefully I will get back to writing again. Thank you for your kind comment.